Capturing the true spirit of your family is my goal. I will make your session lighthearted and fun, and it will shine through in your images. Time can change families in an instant, let’s not just freeze a moment in time, but a memory in life. Whether it’s a small family or a large extended family, there is just something magical about seeing and capturing the love we have for our families. I am always ready to catch those unplanned moments of laughter and joy, sometimes it’s the “unposed” moments that are the best.

Why choose L.J. Schneekloth Photography?


I’m a perfectionist, ask my wife.
Especially in how I serve my
clients. Email responses and image
turnaround will always be prompt.
If you have a deadline, I will work
hard to honor it at no extra charge.
You are important to me!


As a father of 5 children
I understand that kids do things
on their own terms. I’m not upset
when your two-year-old has a
meltdown or when your son asks
to take a picture with my camera.
I love kids and their spontaneity
makes the photo session more fun.


All of the people in my portfolio are
real people, not models. Nobody
comes into a session knowing how
to act in front of the camera, my job
is to guide you. I’ll help you set up
each pose and give you helpful tips
to make you look your best.

How does this work? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.
























































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